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Neuroprotective Mechanism found between Acupuncture and Sciatic nerve

Acupuncture has been found to inhibit nerve cell death due to the sciatic nerve impairment. According to the latest research, shallow acupuncture and deep acupuncture at Huantiao pt.(GB-30) have successfully promoted motor functional recovery, improved nerve conduction velocity and boosted regeneration of sciatic nerve cells. Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine researchers note “both shallow and deep acupuncture reversed pathological changes of impaired nerve cells and inhibited nerve cell death”. Microscopic observation shows that there were less Schwann cells, Wallerian degeneration and axonal and myelin breakdown after receiving shallow or deep acupuncture. For the deep acupuncture group, an acupuncture needle was inserted into GB-30 , reaching as deep as 8mm. High frequency ultrasound imaging technology was used to ensure that the needle was placed at the sciatic nerve trunk. For the shallow acupuncture group, an acupuncture needle was inserted into GB-30 reaching a depth 3-5mm. The needle was inserted into the muscle level and didn’t reach the nerve level. After needle insertion, an SDZ-II electro acupuncture device was connected to the needles for 20minutes. The acupuncture session was conducted daily for 14consecutive days. Following acupuncture treatment, number of living cells were increased in both deep and shallow acupuncture groups…the deep acupuncture group produced better outcomes in downregulating cell death numbers and in upregulating SFI, MNCV, and PI3K and PKB protein levels on day 28 of modeling.
The results of the research indicate that acupuncture is an effective treatment modality for sciatic nerve impairment.
Researchers demonstrate that acupuncture improves motor function and conduction velocity of the sciatic nerve while inhibiting nerve cell death by regulating pathways responsible for providing Neuroprotective effects.
(Extract from an article “Acupuncture Sciatic Nerve Neuroprotective Mechanism Found”.

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