Acupuncture and Remedial Massage Therapy in Melbourne CBD

Herbal medicine has been practised in the Orient for thousands of years and forms integral part of TCM. Chinese herbalists produce herbal prescription that is carefully tailored to the needs of the patient at the time. The practitioner of Chinese medicine has two means of delivering herbs.

The first, and still most popular method in China, is the dispensing of dried herbs that are boiled and decocted into a tea.

The second are patent medicines. Many of the classic patent medi- cines have been used for centuries and have proved themselves to be both effective and safe. In Australia the quality control of herbal medicine products is monitored by Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

This clinic dispenses only TGA approved patent medicines and they can be in the following formats:
– Pills and tablets
– Powders (can be taken directly or boiled and taken as a draft)
– Granules
– Plasters and ointments (applied locally eg. for bruising, sprain, pain and arthritic condition)
– Liniments (herbs/herbal oils extracts used topically for pain, trauma or skin diseases)

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