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Acupuncture treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome

The carpal tunnel is a canal connecting the forearm and hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome pain and numbness is due to compression of the median nerve travelling through the canal. Researchers demonstrate that acupuncture benefits the median nerve thus successfully alleviating pain, inflammation and numbness. Early diagnosis and intervention is crucial in mitigating median nerve function. Acupuncture alleviates median nerve compression by reducing oedema and accelerating axonal regeneration. Local acupoint selections are commonly implemented to enhance the microcirculation of blood to the median nerve and carpal tunnel. Common acupuncture points recommend for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome are : PC-7, PC-6, LI-4, LI-5, TH-5
Researchers Wang Ye and Bai Yichen from Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning Traditional Chinese Medicine University find that acupuncture combined with herbal paraffin treatment was more effective than diclofenac, a non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug. In a 16 week clinical trial, two patient groups were compared. One group received acupuncture and herbal paraffin treatment, the other received topical diclofenac. The results highlight that acupuncture with herbal paraffin treatment produces greater pain relief and restoration of wrist function than a topical antiinflammatory.
(Extract from an article shared by AACMA Feb.2018)

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