Acupuncture and Remedial Massage Therapy in Melbourne CBD

Acupuncture points used in Tapping therapy

It is interesting to see how other professionals are starting to utilise Acupuncture points in order to assist their own patients in recovery.

Tapping Therapy used in managing stress and trauma by some counsellors is one example….and the latest findings come from Harvard Medical School study;

” The stimulation of acupuncture points has been shown over the course of a ten-year research program at Harvard Medical School to rapidly reduce limbic system arousal (Fang.2009)”

…and as you know, whenever you are in a state of anxiety, your brain gets stuck in an ON position, which means your body is releasing chemicals that make you feel you are in mortal danger. Tapping as well as acupuncture work in a way that by stimulating acupuncture/ acupressure points we get to decrease the threat response mode.

“in other words: you still feel the emotion but your physiology is no longer affected by it. You create a “new normal” where your performance is not affected by your emotions.”

ps: extract from presentation by Christine Forsey, counsellor and psychotherapist

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