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Can pain in neck and shoulders be relieved by Acupuncture?

Pain in the neck and shoulders is an extremely common complaint in our society. The neck is a crucial part of body which very readily reflects the state of tension and stress typical of the rushed lifestyle we lead…. this situation is of course aggravated further for those who, in their work, have to keep their head fixed in a position of intense concentration for long periods of time.
In discussing neck pain it is useful to distinguish acute from chronic cases. The symptoms are similar in both cases: neck ache with sudden onset, rigidity or stiffness and a limitation of movement in turning the neck from side to side. Acute neck ache is due to sprain. Chronic neck ache develops as a consequence of repeated acute attacks which are not treated properly.
Pain and stiffness of the shoulder joint is treated according to limitation of arm movement; eg. Difficulty in abducting arm (CO meridian), difficulty in adducting arm (LU meridian), difficulty in twisting arm backwards (SI meridian).
The choice of points needs to be guided not only by the involvement of the channels, but also by Western anatomical considerations.
Let’s look at a case history;
A 58year old man had been experiencing pain in both shoulder joints for the previous 4years. He had been working as a car mechanic for over 25 years. The pain was aggravated by exposure to cold. The following points were needled with Acupuncture needles – CO 15, SI 10 and CO 11
Moxibustion was also applied over the affected area. Six weekly treatments were enough to clear up this problem.
Acupuncture normally gives great results in both acute and chronic cases. In addition to Acupuncture needling, Remedial Massage therapy and cupping can also be used. Different cases require different treatment strategy. Ear Acupuncture therapy is also extremely useful for musculoskeletal injuries. Ref/ The Practice of Chinese Medicine/ .

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