Acupuncture and Remedial Massage Therapy in Melbourne CBD

Stress relief

Stress relief – herbal formula traditionally used for a large variety of stress related disorders and mild anxiety.
For better results combine herbal treatment with Acupuncture /massage therapy.
The herbal formula contains no animal product, no gelatin, no added sugar, colours or flavours and is suitable for Vegetarians.

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Premenstrual ease – herbal formula for PMT

imagePremenstrual ease is a herbal formula designed to treat premenstrual tension, stress & mild anxiety associated with premenstrual tension, leucorrhea, irregular menstruation, moodiness, painfull breasts with abdominla pain, PMT headaches etc….
The formula is available in the clinic.

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Herbal pain relief patches & gels


For relief from muscular aches & sprains & arthritic pains.

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